Munich Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Munich 2019 Dates, Schedule, Tickets, Nearby Hotels, Travel Tips, Guide, and More

Oktoberfest Munich 2019 is a grand event and the party is the most awaited thing to seek for. There was a time when it was decided to put a stop to this event but, today it hosts the largest beer festival in the world. Oktoberfest Munich 2019 is expecting huge numbers of people like every year. More than 7 million people are a part of this grand event every year.

Although Oktoberfest Munich 2019 is now celebrated throughout the globe, it is mainly held in Munich, Germany on the grounds of Theresienwiese. The locals also call the place as Festwiese. The preparation for the largest fun fair begins from June and completes by September. The ground is about 420,000 sq ft huge.

Oktoberfest, Munich - Germany
Oktoberfest, Munich – Germany

Dates / Schedule:

Oktoberfest Munich 2019 begins from September and lasts until October. The fest date for 2019 is scheduled from September 21st to October 6th.

Although, as per the name and in honor of the Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen, it was celebrated always in October; however considering the weather it has been moved into both, September and October.

Oktoberfest Munich
Oktoberfest Munich

Tickets / Cost:

Although, getting into the fest and into the beer tents is 100% free, but you need to have good cash in hands as no one enters the tent without a beer in hand. Even little beer will cost you about 11 euros (excluding the tip). Wine Festival in Germany 2019 expects you to bring cash, cash, and only cash for the grand bash. Food and entertainment costs you anywhere between 7 and 22 euros.

Check out the Oktoberfest Munich Ticket Prices 2019 online and book them in advance. The place gets really crowded and entries.

Oktoberfest Munich
Oktoberfest Munich

Best Places to Stay Near Oktoberfest / Best Hotels Near Oktoberfest:

There are plenty of places to plan your stay during the Wine Festival in Germany 2019. Take a note of these places before you reach so that you have good options to choose from.

Novotel Munich City:

The property is amongst the Best Places to Stay Near Oktoberfest Munich. Although, the prices are high but you have all the luxury amenities to enjoy and relax.

Novotel Munchen Messe:

It is at some distance from Munich but a perfect place for groups or larger families. Guests stayed previously have given good reviewes to the hotel and service. Perhaps, rated it amongst the Best Places to Stay Near Oktoberfest Munich.

Eurostars Book Hotel:

Pretty affordable property to those worried about savings and spending. The staff is helpful; they also have a small bar area.

King’s Hotel First Class:

King’s Hotel First Class is pretty decent in terms of interiors and a good value for money. The hotel is at a walking distance from the Oktoberfest downtown and grounds.

Hilton Munich Airport:

The hotel is affordable for luxury lovers. The food and drinks are amazing! People have given excellent reviews about the hotel and thus that makes it one of the Best Hotels Near Oktoberfest 2019 Munich.

To get amazing deals, visit this link here for best rates.

Travel Tips for Foreign Tourists:

These Travel Tips for Foreign Tourists would come handy and essential before you begin to enjoy the big fest.

Munich Oktoberfest
Munich Oktoberfest
  • If you are visiting the fest for the first time, do not attempt to drive on your own. The parking is almost impossible to get. Also, there is no point in drinking and driving as the rules are strict.
  • It would be wise to book a hotel closer to the festival ground as then you can walk back to your hotel.
  • Taxi is the best option if you are lazy or find it tiring to walk.
  • Get good winter clothes to be on safer side as the weather is unpredictable in Munich, Germany.
  • If you are visiting for the first time, there are chances that you will spend more in the joy of the festival. So, carry good amount of cash with you as the beer will cost you enough.
  • Arrive early as it is a weekend packed event for the tourists and local people.
  • You will have to wear a costume if you wish to mingle with the crowd or you will feel left out.
  • Once you reach, all you can think of is beer; in case you don’t drink beer, the festival is not for you. Water costs more than a litre of beer.

Safety Tips During Oktoberfest:

  • Avoid taking your children at the night time to the fest as the place gets heavily crowded.
  • Families with kids, it is ideally safe to stay till 8 pm.
  • Do not think of dancing on the table; dancing on the benches is still acceptable at some tents.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the beer tents. The festival follows a strict no smoking in the beer tent policy.
  • Do not think of stealing or robbing a glass of beer from a beer tent; you will be heavily fined for the same.
  • Watch out for the toilet rules. You may have to wait for longer queues, so prepare yourself to drink beer accordingly and in breaks.

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