How much does a taxi cost from Frankfurt Airport to City Centre?

How much does a taxi cost from Frankfurt Airport to City Centre?

The cost of a taxi ride from Frankfurt Airport to the city center typically falls between €45 to €50, depending on the traffic conditions and the type of vehicle used. These rates represent the standard taxi fares for this route.

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Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt Airport, Photo Credit: Jan Woitas/dpa/picture-alliance/AP

How much does it cost from Frankfurt Airport to city Centre?

It takes 40 minutes by train to travel from Frankfurt Airport to the city center, with a cost of EUR 4.65. Alternatively, taking the Frankfurt Airport bus will take 30 minutes and cost EUR 4.35. If you opt for a transfer, the journey to the city center will take 20 minutes, but the cost will start at EUR 57. The distance between Frankfurt Airport and the city center is 13 km.

How to get from Frankfurt Airport to downtown?

The easiest way to reach the city from the airport is by taking the S-Bahn (light rail). Board the S8 or S9 trains, heading towards Offenbach or Hanau, and you’ll reach Frankfurt’s Hauptbahnhof (main railway station) in approximately 10 minutes. A one-way ticket costs 4.50€, and you can purchase it from the RMV ticket machines.

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Do you tip taxi drivers in Frankfurt?

In Germany, it is not customary to tip taxi drivers. However, rounding up to the nearest Euro or adding 10% of the final fare is a kind gesture for excellent service, such as assisting with your bags. As for airport shuttles, tipping is not expected. Do Frankfurt taxis take credit cards? Do you have a query; Are credit cards accepted by Frankfurt taxis? Yes, the majority of taxis in Frankfurt accept payment of the fare by credit card.

Can I use Uber in Frankfurt?

Yes, Uber services are available in Frankfurt. You can book a ride with Uber up to 30 days in advance, anytime, on any day of the year.

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