Christmas Heritage in Estonia

Christmas in Estonia: Christmas Traditions, Customs, Christmas Heritage and More

Celebrate Christmas in Estonia for the best memories and best times. The celebrations are related to winter solstice and thus, you can expect a magical Christmas as you watch in Christmas movies. Christmas holidays in Estonia marks a significant importance and they remember the importance of Christ’s birth with every Christmas celebration.

Other than the traditional style of celebrations, there are Christmas markets to shop, places to hang out, restaurants for fine dining, and beautiful Churches to offer prayers.

Christmas in Estonia
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Pagan Associations:

Estonians give great importance to pagan heritage and Christmas Traditions in Estonia. The winter solstice festival reminds them of Christ’s birth rather taking Christmas as a modern festival celebration. In Estonia, Jõulud is known as the shortest day of the year. The word is also represented as Christmas in Estonia. Thomas Day is the first celebration of Christmas that takes places on 21st December. Families rest on this day after brewing beer, preparing feast, and butchering animals as a part of Christmas Traditions in Estonia.

As a part of tradition, they also pass effigy to different houses to spread good luck and positive energy during Christmas in Estonia. Santa Claus and Elf play a traditional role to distribute gifts and goodies to children. Generally, an elder family member becomes the Santa Claus.

Christmas Traditions in Estonia
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Christmas Heritage in Estonia:

The leader of Estonia declares peace as a part of long followed tradition during Christmas. As a part of Christmas Customs in Estonia, Christmas food is left on the Christmas table for good spirits. Blood sausage and sauerkraut are some of the traditional recipes for Christmas feast. Beer is also included as a part of Christmas festivities. Gingerbread is one of the prominent dishes prepared traditionally by families during Christmas.

Certain rural parts of Estonia still cover the ground with straws and real hay. Christmas crowns are prepared made of plastic straws. Although, the traditional celebrations still exist in some parts of the city, western celebrations have influenced many areas and most people strike a balance between the modern and traditional Christmas celebrations today. We believe it is one of the Best ways to celebrate Christmas in Estonia considering the changing trends.

Christmas Heritage in Estonia
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Customs and Traditions:

  • If you wish to celebrate as per Christmas Customs in Estonia, then you must play some traditional Christmas music and learn to exchange Christmas greetings with the locals.
  • Attend the Christmas concert with family which is usually followed by local Estonian families.
  • Spread Christmas cards to friends and families in Estonia. This is still very popular and prominent.
  • Be warm-hearted and attend the charity contests as well as concerts. You may either pay donation or arrange for a nice gift and donate it at the charitable trust.
Christmas Customs in Estonia
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  • Gather at the Christmas market and take a tour of the Christmas spirit for the Best ways to celebrate Christmas in Estonia.
  • Prepare some of the traditional Christmas food as per Estonian culture such as pork, potatoes, pickled pumpkin, jellied meat, Estonian black bread, and more…

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Christmas Customs in Estonia could be exciting than exhausting as these are celebrated in a simple and peaceful fashion.

Article Title: Christmas in Estonia: Christmas Traditions, Customs, Christmas Heritage and More

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