How much does a taxi cost from Cyprus Airport to City Centre?

How much does a taxi cost from Cyprus Airport to City Centre?

The fare for a taxi ride is calculated based on a starting tariff of 3.42€ and a rate of 0.73€ per km on the taximeter. Therefore, the estimated cost of a trip from Larnaca airport to the city center is around 15€.

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Paphos Airport Cyprus
Paphos Airport Cyprus, Photo Credit: Skytrax Ratings

How much is a taxi from Paphos airport to city center?

The cost of a taxi ride from Paphos airport to the city center may vary based on factors such as the amount of luggage and time of year. On average, it is around €35, but please note that the metered price will always begin with an extra fee of approximately €5.

How easy is it to get taxi in Cyprus?

Taxis are plentiful in larger towns and cities in the south and can be hailed from the street or picked up at designated taxi stands. All urban taxis should have meters, and fares are regulated by the government. In rural areas, taxis do not have meters, so it is advisable to agree on a fare with the driver before embarking on the journey.

Do you have a question; Is Uber available in Cyprus? Uber is not available in Cyprus.

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Do you tip taxi drivers in Cyprus?

Drivers in Greece often have low wages, so tips can supplement their income. However, tipping for drinks is not common. When using taxis, tipping is not mandatory, but many tourists like to round up their fare or leave a small amount, particularly when the driver assists with luggage.

How much do you tip a taxi driver in Cyprus?

You are not required to tip, but it is considered a gesture of appreciation. A general guideline is to round up to the nearest euro or offer up to 5% of the total fare for exceptional service.

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