How much does a taxi cost from Dubrovnik Airport to City Centre?

How much does a taxi cost from Dubrovnik Airport to City Centre?

A trip to downtown Dubrovnik from Dubrovnik Airport usually costs approximately 250 HRK and takes approximately 20 minutes.

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Dubrovnik Airport
Dubrovnik Airport, Photo Credit: exyuaviation .com

Is taxi expensive in Dubrovnik?

Taxis in Dubrovnik are not priced according to a fixed-rate fee. Instead, they are charged using a taximeter, which is based on the distance you travel. The initial base fare is €3.36 and each kilometre thereafter costs €1.08.

Is it easy to get taxi from Dubrovnik Airport?

In addition to utilizing the shuttle bus service, another transportation option available at the airport is taking a taxi. The taxi station can be found just outside of the Arrivals Terminal, where taxis are readily available to depart from a designated rank. These taxis are capable of traveling to various destinations in Cavtat and Dubrovnik, as well as farther distances. It is recommended that passengers negotiate and agree upon the fare with the taxi driver prior to departing.

Does Uber run in Dubrovnik?

Is it possible to book an Uber ride from Dubrovnik Airport? Yes, Uber is available at Dubrovnik Airport, allowing you to have a comfortable and convenient ride to your desired destination.

How do I get from Dubrovnik Airport to the Centre?

Dubrovnik’s airport shuttle is among the most convenient options for commuting between the airport and the city center. The shuttle’s departures are synchronized with the flight arrival times and provide a direct ride to the Dubrovnik central bus station in approximately 30-40 minutes.

Do taxi drivers in Dubrovnik accept euros? Is Euro widely used in Croatia? In some places such as private accommodation and taxis, you may be able to make payments using Euros.

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Do taxis in Croatia take card?

Is it possible to pay for a taxi ride with a credit card in Croatia? Regrettably, credit card payments are not accepted in Split, Croatia taxis, as they lack the necessary POS system for processing them. If you decide to take a Split taxi, it’s advisable to carry the local currency and adequate change.

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