Bratislava New Years Eve Fireworks

10 Best Budget Friendly and Affordable New Year’s Eve Destinations in Europe

We all wish to celebrate New Year in a lavish manner; however there are certain places that will give you the best New Year celebrations by charging little. These Budget Places in Europe for New Year’s Eve will leave you happy with no compromise on the quality and comfort.

Europe is a much more popular new year’s party destination around the world than any other destination. It was a difficult thing to choose only 10 budget friendly destinations in Europe for new year’s celebrations. So, let’s read more ahead!

10 Budget Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Europe:

1. Prague, Czech Republic:

Prague is the right city to celebrate if you have a fixed budget for New Year celebrations. The reason why Prague is popular as the Budget Destinations in Europe for New Year’s Eve is due to the reasonable hotel packages despite a busy season. Get more information about Prague’s new year celebrations here.

Prague New Years Eve Fireworks
Prague New Years Eve Fireworks

2. Moscow, Russia:

Moscow is cold but worth visiting during New Year for various reasons. The restaurants do not charge you a bomb. Moscow is considered as one of the cheap places to go for New Years Eve in Europe celebrations.

Do not miss the fireworks at the Red Square and a lot of other attractions. Find more information from this article.

Moscow New Years Eve Fireworks
Moscow New Years Eve Fireworks. Image Source: DailyMail

3. Vilnius, Lithuania:

Vilnius gives you the best fireworks show all free. Thousands of local crowd gathers at the Cathedral Square to ring in the New Year. Tourists visit here considering it one of the cheap places to go for New Years Eve with family in Europe.

It’s a less crowded new year’s party destination in Europe as most of people rush towards the large destinations, such as Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, Madrid, and so on.

Vilnius New Years Eve Fireworks
Vilnius New Years Eve Fireworks

4. Bratislava, Slovakia:

With little population you have plenty of options to choose in stay and dining here in Bratislava. Being a small historical city, the destination gives you plenty of reasons to remember your celebrations here.

A beautiful new year’s fireworks may create amazing moments with your loved one. It’s not much crowded new year’s destination.

Bratislava New Years Eve Fireworks
Bratislava New Years Eve Fireworks

5. Zagreb, Croatia:

Zagreb falls in the list of best budget places to spend New Years Eve in Europe. The hotel stay is economical and crowd is decent.

Besides amazing new year’s fireworks, Zagreb organizes many new year parties and events to entertain the people.

Zagreb New Years Celebrations
Zagreb New Years Celebrations

6. Krakow, Poland:

Visit the market square for the center of Krakow. It is the center of attraction for New Year celebrations. Krakow is included in the list of “Cheapest Cities in Europe to Spend New Year’s Eve Holiday”. So, it would not break your budget for new year holiday in Europe.

Krakow organizes one of the best new year parties and events in Europe besides the wonderful new year’s fireworks.

Krakow New Years Fireworks
Krakow New Years Fireworks

7. Budapest, Hungary:

Get mesmerized by this gorgeous destination if you are seeking for pure fun with least pressure on your wallet. Travelers have rated is in the 10 Best Affordable Europe Cities to Celebrate New Year’s Eve. From live fireworks to midnight drinking, everything is superb about this place.

Budapest is one of the cheapest new year’s party destinations in Europe. A quick hotel reservation may create your holiday hassle-free. Get in-depth information from here.

Budapest New Years Fireworks
Budapest New Years Fireworks

8. Ljubljana, Slovenia:

This amazing place calls for unlimited fun and entertainment at the cheapest tickets. Several hotels release great discounts on New Year dinner and stay packages.

It’s a much beautiful new year’s party destination in Europe. We can consider it as one of the most affordable NYE party destinations in Europe too! A prior hotel reservation and purchasing tickets well in advance could make your stay wonderful in Ljubljana.

Ljubljana New Year's Party
Ljubljana New Year’s Party

9. Riga, Latvia:

Riga is full of surprises, economical places, magic, and fireworks. Plan some days to stay here or you will miss a great deal during New Years. Several parks are beautifully decorated and live events sound crazy with cheap tickets for the entry.

Riga New Year's Fireworks
Riga New Year’s Fireworks

10. Belgrade, Serbia:

No matter how stressed you get on the expenses in Belgrade, it will surprise you with cheap rates every place you visit. Despite a peak season, they don’t loot you with exorbitant prices on the food menu and hotel stay.

Belgrade is not much popular among other European destinations, such as Berlin, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, and others. But it offers one of the best new year holiday experiences to it’s guests.

Belgrade New Year Fireworks
Belgrade New Year Fireworks

We hope you now have some of the best 10 Cheap Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Europe. Choose the one you like and start packing now to get in the mood for the festivities.

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