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My Beautiful Journey in Europe with My Daughter Through Rail Network

Maps of the world and books with pictures of cities and buildings are one the main attractions for my 12 year old daughter. This was actually also my main interest while I was on her age.

This summer we decided to leave the books and get first hands impressions by exploring some of the European cities by train. We bought interrail tickets and started an interesting journey of 15 days.

Hamburg View
Hamburg View, Image Source: Eva Eriksen

We did not plan a lot before travelling as we wanted to be open for impulses and changes. Since we travelled off season, we could more easily get a place to sleep, but are you going in July and August you should book hotels, bed and breakfast or hostels in advance as it easily get occupied due to holiday season in Europe.

We could have taken the train from Oslo to Copenhagen, which are the gate to Europe for us who live in the Nordic countries. We preferred to take the boat and arrive in the morning in the Danish capital. After a few hours sightseeing and just enjoying ourselves, we entered the Central station and started our interrail.

Hamburg was the first stop. We had booked a hotel close to the train station and perhaps a little naive, we though it would be ok, but in fact, we ended up in a kind of red light street with drunken men, porn shops and prostitutes. This was scary realities for my daughter, but we found a solution: we went around some corners and blocs when took an afternoon stroll to avoid those hard facts. Hamburg harbour is a very charming. Sightseeing bus and sightseeing boats are recommended, as both gives different glimpses and impression of the town. Dinner at the restaurant close the harbour is a bonus.

Interrailing is a very much about being on the move, and the Aquadom in Berlin was waiting. We have been there before, but still an amazing experience. Bicycle taxi is a relief when the temperature enter 35 plus, and we got both ancient and modern history while we were on two wheel trough Berlin. We passed imperial buildings of the past, the famous Check point Charlie, some parts of the Berlin wall as well as Tor.

Article Title: My Beautiful Journey in Europe with My Daughter Through Rail Network
Article first published on February 12, 2017.

Guest Post by Eva Eriksen, A Travel Lover based in Norway.

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