How much does a taxi cost from Ho Chi Minh Airport to City Centre?

How much does a taxi cost from Ho Chi Minh Airport to City Centre?

The average taxi fare from SGN airport to downtown Ho Chi Minh City is approximately €5 (131,652 VND), plus an airport toll fee of €0.40 (10,000 VND), for a total cost of €5.40 (141,652 VND).

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Ho Chi Minh Airport
Ho Chi Minh Airport, Photo Credit: asianaviation .com

How to take taxi from Ho Chi Minh airport?

If you’re looking for a taxi from the airport to the city center (District 1), you have several options. The main taxi queue is on your left when you exit through the main door on the ground floor of the terminal building. You can also take advantage of the Mai Linh counter in the terminal building, or you can use one of the other pre-paid taxi counters located at the airport.

Do taxis in Ho Chi Minh take card?

Taxis in Ho Chi Minh accept credit cards using pin machine. What is the most cheapest mode of transport in Vietnam? Public transportation is a great way to get around Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, especially for short routes. Bus tickets are very affordable, costing around 10,000 VND per ticket for journeys within the city.

Is there grab or Uber in Ho Chi Minh?

Many people ask if Uber is available in Vietnam, and the answer is no, Uber is not available in Ho Chi Minh. However, there is a great alternative to Uber called “Grab”. Grab is one of ways to get around major cities such as Ho Chi Minh, Danang, and Hanoi.

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What transportation do tourists use in Vietnam?

You can explore Vietnam by taking the bus, which is a very popular mode of transportation. There are a variety of buses to choose from, such as sleeper buses, minivans, tourist buses, and city buses. All of these buses provide a convenient and comfortable way to explore the country.

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