Yalumba, Dubai

Yalumba Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Party, Event, Best Place to Celebrate and More

Yalumba Dubai New Years Eve 2019 party will leave you thrilled for life! Three things at Yalumba that will drive you crazy on New Year;

  • Ambience
  • Crowd
  • Cuisine

The restaurant is known for its beautiful and tasteful combination of East and West flavors. The place happily welcomes its guests for a stunning New Year Eve. Presently, Yalumba is enjoying an award winning experience. If you are a serious and passionate foodie, this is the place to be!

Yalumba, Dubai
Yalumba, Dubai

Watch for the below reasons to be a part of the exquisite Yalumba Dubai New Years Eve party:

1. The New Year party at Yalumba is the talk of the town: Live DJs make the mood on the floor and the guests are engaged in dancing with each other. New Year is exciting when you have a friendly crowd.

2. It’s an ideal place to celebrate New Year with friends: The live cooking stations, exclusive buffet, and massive variety of beverages make things happening on the New Year night. Yalumba is popular for its succulent grills, sushi, and delicious spread of oysters.

3. Wooden ambience gives you a distinct feeling: The seats are extremely comfortable with soft cushions. The wooden tables and wood flooring gives you the feeling of a forest area where you have gathered to celebrate in the most natural manner. Certain sections also have logs attached to each other.

4. Dim lights make it more relaxing and peaceful: Away from the bustling city and crazy crowd, if you want to relax somewhere peacefully, Yalumba is the place. The dim lights and dark atmosphere gives you ample of privacy with your loved one to cherish the moments of New Year.

5. Helpful staff to attend to your needs: The staff is extremely helpful and caters to your need immediately. You wouldn’t have to spoil your New Year mood by waiting for your order to be taken. Their service is quick and attentive. Do not be surprised if you get a free dessert as one of their valuable customers.

Yalumba Dubai
Yalumba Dubai

6. The crowd will make the night for you: You are not the only one who is decked up for the New Year Eve. Get greeted by the crowd who is beautifully dressed. The spirit on the floor is high and that makes the event more happening for you. The women are dressed to kill and men look simply outstanding.

We wish you the best moments of Yalumba Dubai New Years Eve 2019 party.

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Article Title: Yalumba Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Party, Event, Best Place to Celebrate and More
Article last re-published on September 27, 2018.

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