XL Beach Club Dubai

XL Beach Club Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Party, Celebration, Fireworks, and NYE Dinner

Plan the ultimate party of New Year at XL Beach Club. Get ready to tap your feet during XL Beach Club Dubai New Years Eve. Some groovy international tracks that are played are, ‘Needin U’, ‘How would you feel’, and ‘Higher’. The New Year event is literally lighted up and enlivened with lively crowd. There are many reasons to be here.

XL Beach Club Dubai
XL Beach Club Dubai

7 Reasons Why You Must Plan Your Celebration at XL Beach Club Dubai:

1. Fireworks at XL Beach Club Dubai New Years Eve:

The place not only gets lighted up with the colorful fireworks, but it is set on fire with some amazing dance performances, international artists, and breathtaking fireworks on stage. People from all over the world book their tickets in advance to experience this enchanting night.

2. DJ. David Morales:

David Morales is recognized as one of the most prominent superstar DJs. His extraordinary music playing skills and attentiveness will sway your feet off the floor.

Apart from David, there are other popular artists to support the event. It’s an event that will blow off your mind. The tickets range from AED 250 to AED 350. There are many striking celebrities who perform on New Year’s Eve.

3. Spacious Ground:

XL Dubai is located in front of the beach of the Grand Habtoor Resort & Spa. Dubai’s nightlife is incomplete without XL Beach Club. The night becomes wild with a great crowd gathered to celebrate the mega event at night.

4. Loud Music:

Night birds and music lovers will not be able to resist this place. The international tracks played throughout the eve make the night an ultimate one! They also play music on request and let you feel attended to.

5. Theme Based Night:

Most New Year and Christmas eves follow a theme and dress code. Dancing to the tunes with your friends on your favorite tracks is something that you will love. The open beach party allows you to enjoy your favorite drink in hand; while you watch the fireworks splendidly fill the sky.

6. Popular Guests:

One of the reasons why people participate in XL Beach Club Dubai New Years Eve celebrations is the curiosity to see some known faces.

7. Evening Brunch:

Foodies have a mouthwatering experience to share on XL Beach Club Dubai New Years Eve. From delectable snacks to tasty champagne, you have an excuse to book your reservations at one of the most happening clubs in Dubai. Savor the taste of authentic Dubai cuisine while you burn some calories at the beach party by dancing all night.

The place gets really cramped during New Year’s Eve and there are possibilities that delayed bookings may lead to cancellations. Check the availability of the space before you plan your travel. We wish you a rocking evening at XL Beach Club Dubai!

Article Title: XL Beach Club Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Party, Celebration, Fireworks, and NYE Dinner
Article last re-published on October 11, 2018.

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