Uptown Bar, Dubai

Uptown Bar Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Party, Event, Best Place to Celebrate and More

Uptown Bar Dubai New Years Eve 2019 party is the most awaited celebration in Dubai. Uptown is a sophisticated dining bar for those who are looking forward to spend quality time in a peaceful manner on New Year. As the name suggests, it is located on the 24th floor of Jumeirah Beach Hotel. With cocktails flowing in elite glasses, you have choices of drinks to make.

The bar arranges themed parties that make it more wondrous for the crowd who want to do something different on the occasion of New Year. The extensive list of beverages and exclusive variety of food will confuse you from where to begin. If you are still thinking how to go about it, we have plentiful of reasons for you.

Uptown Bar, Dubai
Uptown Bar, Dubai

5 Reasons to Celebrate the Uptown Bar Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Party:

1. Themed party:

Uptown arranges for a customized party for groups and families. It’s a delightful experience altogether. For a special theme party, you need to make your reservations in advance. It’s an incredible experience altogether.

2. Casual dress code:

Expect a casual dress code and this is what increases the excitement of New Year. Do not worry about expensive clothes and exclusive outfits; the party begins in a casual mood followed by a casual dress code. The crowd is mainly seen in a relaxed outfit.

3. Lounge terrace seat:

Take unlimited sips of bubbly flowing like a fountain. As the clock strikes 12, the ambience turns beautiful with the crowd gathering to celebrate the most awaited moment of the year. Subtle music, lounge terrace seating, and signature cocktails make it truly amazing.

4. Award-winning restaurant:

Despite an outdoor seating, it’s a gorgeous place to relax. The interiors look stunning! The sofas are pretty comfortable and entire place looks stylish. The restaurant’s existence, regular visitors, stars ratings, and delectable food make it an award winning place to celebrate New Year Eve.

5. Trained staff:

In a busy period like New Year where most of the restaurant end up in a mess and confuse with the orders, Uptown Bar is known for its excellent service and staff. The chefs prepare their own signature dishes and the beverages are beautifully crafted. New Year fun is added with tempting menus, entertainment activities, and designer cocktails prepared by the professionals.

Uptown Bar Dubai New Years Eve 2019 party promises you a lot more that you can imagine!

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Article Title: Uptown Bar Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Party, Event, Best Place to Celebrate and More
Article last re-published on April 15, 2018.

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