UBK Dubai New Years Eve party is much loved among the travelers. It’s a family place and the party begins from 8 pm. Leave your stress back home when you have planned to celebrate the evening at UBK Dubai. With unlimited drinks and nibbles, it’s a delight on the special night.

The magnificent restaurant exists in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, showing you the gorgeous view Dubai city at large. It’s a popular place for eating, drinking, chilling, and celebrating. Enjoy a laid back atmosphere with friends and family, while you sip your favorite beverage at an attractive rate.

UBK Dubai
UBK Dubai

5 Reasons to Celebrate the UBK Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Party:

1. All night long entertainment:

At a place like UBK, it’s an all night long entertainment. The DJ spins the wheel and gives you groovy music all through the night. The vibes are thrilling, crowd is happening, and ambience is truly worth visiting.

2. Belly dance:

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, do not miss the Belly Dance. International stars are invited to perform the best belly dance at UBK Dubai. Be seated while you are served a bottle of Bubbly and enjoy an amazing evening with the Belly dancers.

3. Pool tables:

UBK has a unique experience with pool tables arranged for the guests. It’s an award winning place that promises to offer you the most beautiful moments with family on New Year. With a vast range of beverages served at your pool table, New Year brings more excitement.

4. Well-designed interiors:

As soon as you enter the venue, you feel special and welcomed. The entire place is beautifully designed and decorated for the New Year. Every corner is keenly focused that makes you feel closely connected and excited for the special evening. From the wooden beams to the cushioned chair, everything makes wonders here.

5. Food and drink:

Enjoy a vast selection of beverages and delicious food variety while you watch the life sports screen. As the sky becomes darker, the lights of New Year turn brighter with the lively crowd. It is a place meant for the foodies.

There are plenty of nearby attractions to explore if you are planning to dine at this amazing place of UBK Dubai. Click pictures and capture the moments of your life. UBK Dubai New Years Eve 2019 is all about fun, privacy, music, crowd, and memories.

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Article Title: UBK Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Event, Best Place to Celebrate, Party and More
Article last re-published on April 15, 2018.

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