All those New Year’s Eves, you may have spent time with your friends; this New Years, let the Nobu Dubai New Years Eve party glitter in the eyes of your parents. Make this New Year’s Eve special for your parents by taking them out for dining at the luxurious Nobu, Dubai.

It is perhaps the best place for you and your elderly parents to be a part because it is going to give them exposure to the following amazing things:

Nobu Dubai
Nobu Dubai

Nobu Dubai New Years Eve 2018 Event, Party, Dinner, and More

1. Legendary Never-Tasted- Before Japanese Cuisine:

Japanese Cuisine is something that we all crave for. If you have been craving for tongue delighting Japanese Cuisine, the Nobu Dubai New Years Eve party has the best dishes waiting for you to hog on. Go slow – don’t forget you have to dance too!

2. Dining at a Restaurant that has Banged Awards Across 21 Award Categories:

Nobu Restaurant has banged awards across 21 different award categories; dining at this luxurious place is a journey in itself. Let your parents be a part of this journey. The place serves the Best Lobster Quinoa Ceviche. The Lobster Quinoa Ceviche is quite an exquisite dish of this restaurant; make sure your parents taste it if you bring them here.

3. Glittering Drinks in Clinking Glasses:

Your parents might want to experience clinking glasses when the clock strikes 12. If you want to see their happy faces, this restaurant promises to give you what you are looking for. When it comes to dining with your parents, you would certainly want to take them to a place that has people dressed in smart and amazing casuals. Don’t forget to tuck your mother in a wonderful evening gown and ensure that your father wears closed shoes; make them feel they are a part of the luxury at the restaurant!

4. The Garden Sanctuary That’s Neatly Designed:

The garden sanctuary is a different world inside the world of Nobu Restaurant. Food is cooked under the guidance of Chef Nobu. Chef Nobu is popular not only for his tasty dishes, but also for the way he presents them in front of his guests.

Once you spend a good time with your parents, let them rest as you sneak out and visit the nearby locations like Ossiano Bar, Yuan Bar and Lounge and the popular Seafire Steakhouse and Bar. The Nobu Dubai New Years Eve party is something you and your parents won’t forget, ever!

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Article Title: Nobu Dubai New Years Eve 2018 Event, Party, Dinner, and More
Article first published on April 8, 2017.

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