How much does a taxi cost from Dubai Airport to City Centre?

How much does a taxi cost from Dubai Airport to City Centre?

The fastest way to travel from Dubai Airport (DXB) to Downtown Dubai is by taking a taxi. The fare is usually between AED 150 and AED 180, and it takes approximately 12 minutes.

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Dubai Airport
Dubai Airport, Photo Credit: Emirates

How much is a taxi from Dubai airport to Dubai Mall?

Taxis are available outside the terminals at Dubai International Airport (DXB). The estimated cost of taking a standard taxi from Terminal 3 to the Dubai Mall is 40-55 AED and the journey should take between 15-25 minutes, depending on traffic.

Is it expensive to take taxi in Dubai?

When it comes to how much it costs per kilometer to travel in, Dubai ranks as the 19th most affordable at $0.56 (Dh2). This price is cheaper than many other international cities such as Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver, Toronto, Frankfurt, New York, London, and Tokyo. In fact, Dubai fares very well in the affordability index, with the median cost being among the most affordable.

What is the cheapest mode of transport in Dubai?

The Dubai Metro is the most affordable and fastest way to get around Dubai. It has over 47 stations, nine of which are underground, and covers most of the city. The Dubai Metro also has a separate line for the Dubai Tram that stops at the Damac Properties station. With the Metro, you can quickly and easily get to all the major tourist attractions and sites in Dubai.

Do I need to book a taxi at Dubai airport?

If you’re flying into Dubai, you don’t need to pre-book a taxi. There are plenty of taxis available at the airport and there usually isn’t even a queue. All taxis in Dubai run on a metered fare.

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