Dinner at Hilton Sharjah

Hilton Sharjah New Years Eve 2023: Popular Luxury Hotel in Sharjah

Have you been planning of a grand celebration of New Years in a foreign country? Hilton Sharjah New Years Eve 2023 in Dubai is one such incredible event that will definitely meet your expectations of those perfect celebrations you have been longing for. Welcome the New Year in great style at Hilton Hotel Sharjah New Year’s Eve 2023, the event is one of the favorite and most awaited events for New Year celebrations and attracts not only the residents of UAE but also a lot of tourists from all over the world.

Hilton Hotel Sharjah makes a perfect choice of your New Year’s holiday as well, the luxury rooms here well equipped with all the modern amenities like outdoor pool, spa, fitness center and a lot more. Considering its location on Corniche Road, the stay here gets you in nearest proximity to major attractions in Dubai like Al Majaz Waterfront, Buhaira Corniche and Eye of Emirates Wheel. Not just this you get direct access to lagoon from your room, now what else you can look for in a luxury stay.

Hilton Sharjah
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Best New Year Dinner

Hilton Sharjah New Years Eve Dinner 2022-2023 offers a delicious treat to our food lover guests. There are four restaurants at the property that offers a vast range of authentic cuisines from all over the world. The New Year’s Eve gala dinner at Shiraz Restaurant offers a fabulous 4 course menu with most authentic Iranian delicacies.

The hotel offers dinner packages foe kids at special discount. Kids under ages 6 are absolutely free and under ages 12 enjoys 50 percent discount on gala dinner packages.

New Year's Eve Dinner at Hilton Sharjah
New Year’s Eve Dinner at Hilton Sharjah

Explore Nearby New Year Fireworks

New Year’s fireworks are a great attraction in Dubai. Be it the residents or the tourists, Fireworks are in great demands. The hotel offers the most spectacular views of fireworks over the lagoon and Dubai’s gorgeous skyline.

You should reserve your room or suite at the earliest from this page with no booking fees.

You can also enjoy the dazzling views of fireworks from the window of your room as well. Hilton Sharjah New Years Eve 2023 is surely going to give you the most cherishing memories of your New Year’s celebrations in Dubai.

Dinner at Hilton Sharjah
Dinner at Hilton Sharjah

Best New Year Celebrations

Hilton Hotel Sharjah is going to surprise you with its celebrations of New Year’s. From amazing live performances to beautiful dancing moments at Al Jawhara Ball room, each moment spent here is going to be a unique experience.

You can find here best deals and lowest prices for Hilton Hotel Sharjah. It’s a popular luxury hotel in Sharjah and you should book as early as possible.

Enjoy the Authentic food along with refreshing beverages, get access to lively ball room, fireworks display, Hilton Hotel Sharjah New Years Eve Party 2022-2023 is a proven bundle of joy and excitement. Join the lovely celebrations on the night of 31st December at 7:30 pm.

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Hilton Sharjah
Hilton Sharjah

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