Grand Grill, Dubai

Grand Grill Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Event, Party, Celebrations, and NYE Dinner

Celebrate the most awaited Grand Grill Dubai New Years Eve with your family. The restaurant is dimply lit and gives an amazing African theme. Its distinct décor makes the guests feel special to dine. It has a lovely and peaceful atmosphere to spend quality time with family. Irrespective of the occasion, the place is mostly preferred by peace lovers who love to exchange conversations over the dining table.

Grand Grill, Dubai
Grand Grill, Dubai

Grand Grill Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Event, Party, Celebrations, and NYE Dinner

3 Reasons to Celebrate Grand Grill Dubai New Years Eve:

1. Food:

For foodies and grill lovers, the place is a treat! It serves awesome steaks, Kobe cuts, and creamy mashed potatoes. Roasted root vegetables are on the top of the list. As the name suggests, the place is meant for Grill food.

The chefs freshly prepare the food and serve it warm on your dish. Nice food and a great ambience is what we look for on a New Year’s Eve.

2. Ambience:

The ambience is perfect for the families. They serve alcohol, a private dining space for larger families or groups, outdoor seating area, and a separate smoking zone. It’s a perfect deal for larger families or friends who have gathered to celebrate New Year together.

The place remains open till midnight so that you can enjoy the New Year spirit with the crowd while dining.

3. Reasonably Priced:

All the fancy and delicious recipes are reasonable priced that makes the celebration a surprise! It’s a wonderful place to spend the special evening of New Year as they offer a good range of fine wines.

You will find most of the Dubai crowd gathered here to celebrate the grand night. People love to dine under the outdoor area and enjoy watching the fireworks in the sky. It surely gives you a memorable experience of a lifetime.

4. Nearby Attractions:

Other than spending Grand Grill Dubai New Years Eve at the location, there are a few attractions to check in the nearby places too. Visit the Blue Coast Dive Center before you prepare yourself to dine at the restaurant. There are also other locations like, Wake Evolution, Zen Asia Spa, RFK Holidays, Blue Banana, Dubai Aqua Park, and many more. If this is your first visit to Dubai, take some time out to visit the nearby attractions or you will miss a great deal.


  • Average Cost: AED 450 for 2 persons (approx.)
  • Cuisines: Steak
  • Opening hours: 12noon-12midnight
  • Facilities Available: Wheelchair Accessible, Valet Parking Available, Full Bar Available, Private Dining Area Available, Outdoor Seating, Luxury Dining, Wifi, Kid Friendly, and Brunch

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We hope you make the most of it. Wish you a splendid time at Grand Grill Dubai New Years Eve.

Article Title: Grand Grill Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Event, Party, Celebrations, and NYE Dinner
Article last re-published on October 9, 2018.

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