Global Village, Dubai

Global Village Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Party, Event, Best Place to Celebrate and More

Enroll yourself for one of the biggest events at Global Village Dubai New Years Eve 2019, held every year in Dubai. The place expects you to bring ample of time along with your presence as you have a lot to do here. From spectacular dance performances, live music, film shows, to lip-smacking beverages, mouthwatering desserts, and culinary, there is room for everything.

That’s not all! There are various other reasons that make this place one of the most demanded events in Dubai. Get dressed neatly and arrive to attend a list of fantastic events awaiting your presence.

Global Village, Dubai
Global Village, Dubai

Global Village Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Party, Event, Best Place to Celebrate and More

1. International dance performances:

Along with Inya, various other popular artists are invited from across the globe to give you a unique experience on the special occasion of New Year. Dining in an open area and watching the stars perform live is an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

2. Biggest fireworks show:

Global Village arranges for stupendous fireworks show to razzle-dazzle you. The entire sky is filled with sparkling glitters and colors within no time at midnight. Thousands of people gather here to watch the fireworks display in the sky. Alongside the huge wheel of Fantasy Island, you will find plentiful of musical firecrackers bursting in the sky. It is one of the most happening events of Dubai.

3. Global Village parade:

Kids are going to fall in love with this enchanting parade arranged by the Global Village Dubai. It’s a mega hit every year as huge number of families with kids gather here to watch the stars perform and parade. The parade includes over 300 performers across various countries who have been invited to be a part of this special evening of New Year. The cultural show and beauty leaves the crowd astonished. For first time Dubai visitors, this is an ideal choice for New Year.

4. Circus show for the kids:

Get excited to attend a grand circus show especially organized by the Global Village for families arriving with kids. The entertainers are in full swing to sweep you off your feet with their outstanding performance. You are going to have a rocking night with an array of amusement activities for the night.

The place could get crowded with more number of people enrolling, thus we recommend that you book your tickets in advance for this grand event. Global Village Dubai New Years Eve 2019 awaits your wondrous presence.

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Article Title: Global Village Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Party, Event, Best Place to Celebrate and More
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