Legoland Dubai Easter Celebrations

Easter 2019 in Dubai: 10 Best Places to Celebrate Easter in Dubai

When travel enthusiasts hear the word Dubai their eyes light up. Such is the craze of this vacation destination that each year millions of tourists crowd this beautiful place. Easter although a Christian Celebration for the resurrection of Christ is celebrated in all its glory in Dubai keeping in mind the Western tourist footfall.

So If you have in mind a trip to Dubai for the occasion of Easter, we have a list of 10 places to celebrate Easter in Dubai. This will clarify all doubts as to where to spend Easter 2019 in Dubai and will be a very different experience for you as a tourist. Celebrate Easter in the true holiday spirit and have a great time in Dubai.

Easter in Dubai
Easter in Dubai

10 Best Places to Celebrate Easter in Dubai

1. Fairmont the Palm

This is one of the best places to spend the Easter in Dubai due to the things you can enjoy out here. Fravo, Sea Grill and Little Miss India are some of the best restaurants of this hotel and you can explore all of them for a great family brunch. In addition to this there would be activities like face painting, live music a petting zoo and much more to keep you and your family engaged throughout the day.

2. Farmer’s Market on the terrace

This could be one of the best things to do this Easter in Dubai. Experience this market experience on the terrace at the Bay Avenue Park. There would be a lot of Easter delicacies on offer like the Bunny ear cup cakes and the hot cross buns. Enjoy yourselves in this very new way of celebrating Christmas here in Dubai.

3. Gaucho

What is an Easter event without a great meal to sum it up! That is precisely what Gaucho has to offer with a wide array of roasted items for the guests. The price begins from Dhs215 for a one course roast and Dhs270 for the two course one. For the kids that you might bring along there are arrangements for coloring stations and various other games to keep them occupied.

4. Vida Downtown

This arrangement for a fine picnic brunch includes some unique egg shaped desserts and bunny shaped piñatas alongside the regular nachos and churros. For Dhs310 you can enjoy all this alongside a cold beverage. If you are looking for Easter egg hunt places in Dubai this will be to your liking because the award for finding the golden egg here is a free brunch.

Legoland Dubai Easter Celebrations
Legoland Dubai Easter Celebrations

5. Pierchic

A quiet brunch consisting of the best of seafood while listening to the best of songs churned up by the DJ. Sounds good? Then head to this fancy place and enjoy Easter in Dubai.

6. Taj Dubai

At the global eateries of Tesoro and the rooftop lounge there is arrangement for a complete Easter brunch. Chilly beef, roasted lamb and other such mouth watering dishes would be available for you here.

7. Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa

This could be the one stop solution for you trying to find the best place to stay in Dubai. It would also offer you with great music, fun events and exceptionally good food all in one. Add to this the camel and pony rides and their private zoo and you have just the place to celebrate Easter.

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Easter in Bab Al Shams Dubai
Easter in Bab Al Shams Dubai

8. Brassiere 2.0

With two Easter brunches for the Good Friday and Sunday Easter, this could be your go to place for the best of Easter dining with your family.

9. Movenpick Hotel Jumeirah Lake Towers

If you are wondering where to celebrate Easter 2019 in Dubai then head over to this place. You will get all that you can ask for during Easter ranging from egg hunts, great food, fun and games and other activities.

10. Sofitel the Palm

A great Friday brunch here is accompanied with an equally good chocolate island display and you can also be a part of all the other activities that take place around here for Easter.


Now that you are equipped with most of the necessary information regarding spending some quality time during Easter in Dubai, go ahead and visit these 10 places to celebrate Easter in Dubai. We can assure you that the travel will leave you rich with loads of fun and experience.

Article Title: Easter 2019 in Dubai: 10 Best Places to Celebrate Easter in Dubai
Article first published on March 31, 2019.


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