Dosc Dubai

Dosc Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Event, Party, and Special Celebrations

Dosc Dubai New Years Eve is an amazing idea for friends. You can throw spectacular parties on rooftops and private yachts. The city of Dubai becomes a place full of celebrations for New Year’s Eve. When the clock strikes at 12 in the midnight, Dubai turns magical. From fireworks to a happening crowd, everything is great about Dosc.

Dosc stands for Dubai Offshore Sailing Club. It opens its doors to spend the most awaited period of the year. People from different parts of the world gather to celebrate these good moments together. Join the gang to have a gala night like never before!

Dosc Dubai
Dosc Dubai

4 Reasons to Celebrate Dosc Dubai New Years Eve:

1. Magical fireworks:

Dosc is known for its spectacular fireworks views and magical colors in the sky. They have received a magnificent response from the audience every year.

You will see a flag flying on the flagpole with a pride to welcome the New Year. It’s an amazing moment for the young students and shipping employees who gather as a family to spend time together.

2. Perfect for groups:

Take some time out during the evening and plan the night sailing with your friends. It’s cheaper than spending at some expensive restaurant or hotel.

If you have a larger group, then an evening at Dubai Offshore Sailing Club is worth than booking a hotel where prices are exorbitant. Enjoying the cool breeze of the sea and watching the fireworks.

3. Good food:

Enjoy some good food with your pals like a spicy chicken or a wrap at the DOSC. The club sandwich is awesome too! Many people also love the authentic fish and chips served here.

Apart from the training school, it’s an ideal place to sit, dine, and enjoy a light conversation with close friends. The food is freshly prepared and served warm always.

4. Light on pocket:

In a busy period like New Year, where hotels have no tables free and the restaurants have a long queue waiting, you can always make it at Dubai Offshore Sailing Club for a pub and grub. The music is brilliant and the crowd is lively. It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai and allows you to spend some time with your loved ones.

Overall, Dosc Dubai New Years Eve is a great choice to make! Wish you a plentiful of happiness this New Year.

Article Title: Dosc Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Event, Party, and Special Celebrations
Article last re-published on October 9, 2018.

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