Blue Marlin, Dubai

Blue Marlin Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Party, Event, Celebrations, and NYE Dinner

Spend Blue Marlin Dubai New Years Eve under the stars. It is magical, colorful, lively, and exciting! They have a restaurant, beach, terrace, and bar to plan your own evening. Beach parties are always the best parties as you don’t have to be formal about your dress code.

The beach restaurant serves mellow sushi platter and sandwiches. Their prices may vary as per the availability of passes and the location of dining chosen by you. Celebrating under the naked sky that slowly gets covered with fascinating fireworks is something that you will never forget in your lifetime.

Blue Marlin, Dubai
Blue Marlin, Dubai

5 Reasons Why You Must Plan Your Celebration at Blue Marlin Dubai:

1. Flavorsome food:

Festive season is about food, wine, and desserts. If you are planning to hit the Blue Marlin Dubai beach, then order a grilled Mediterranean vegetable sandwich. These have a filling of spinach, Persian feta, pesto, and veggies.

The sandwich is light on tummy and taste wise yummy! The place serves homemade bread, dips, and olives. Do not miss on the rose wine and white wine to add a splendor to your taste!

2. Terrace dining:

Terrace dining under the fireworks make the place more happening for the crowd. They serve warm sushi platters, delicious desserts, and healthy recipes for you to keep it light. Taste the crispy mushroom chicken salad or the black cod.

In desserts, they have chocolate fondant, New York cheese cake, exotic fruit platter, chocolate brownies, and more… Now, that’s another style of celebrating New Year under the roofless corner.

3. Themed night:

Some sections follow a theme party that is stylish, vivid, and entertaining. The beach lounge on the island becomes more social with these themes performed by the bar. Blue Marlin Dubai New Years Eve expects you to follow a fashionable approach to lure the crowd.

It is super fun to be a part of an event that is splashy and gaudy. Check for the theme a few days before New Year and you would know what to shop for yourself for the mega night.

4. Loud music:

New Year party without loud and nonstop music doesn’t get along well. The psychedelic music sweeps you off your feet and let you dance to the groovy tracks all night long. That’s not all; the happening crowd will make this event happen for you by their charming presence and participation. Get ready to be a part of a charismatic atmosphere!

5. Nearby New Year attractions:

Apart from celebrating the Blue Marlin Dubai New Years Eve, try to explore the other New Year attractions too in the nearby location. Bollywood Parks, Legoland, The Outlet Village, and Iridium Spa are a few to name.

Take blessings from Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Temple before you begin your New Year with fresh hopes and opportunities. At a distance of 5.1 km you will find the Jebel Ali Shooting Club, its an amazing experience.


  • Cuisines: Mediterranean, Greek
  • Average Cost: AED 400 for 2 persons (approx.) with alcohol
  • Opening hours: 1pm-11pm (Fri-Sat)

We wish you a fantastic New Year ahead, hope you make the most of it!

Article Title: Blue Marlin Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Party, Event, Celebrations, and NYE Dinner
Article last re-published on October 9, 2018.

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