Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Prices: Duty Free Prices, Food Prices, Beer Prices, Hotel Prices

Abu Dhabi Prices or Prices in Abu Dhabi are little bit expensive compared to other cheap destinations in Europe or Latin America. In Abu Dhabi, most of luxury travellers loves to stay in four star or five star hotels. However, Abu Dhabi offers budget and cheap value for money things to do.

Abu Dhabi offers a beautiful number of tourist attractions, such as sandy beaches, world famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque, and many other things. So, let’s see some of the most important prices of Abu Dhabi for your next trip.

Yas Viceroy Hotel, Abu Dhabi
Yas Viceroy Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Prices: Duty Free Prices, Food Prices, Beer Prices, Hotel Prices

Abu Dhabi Attraction Prices

Attraction Type Prices (US$) Details
Big Bus Tour 62.94 (Adults)
26.98 (Children)
Hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus, a good way to explore Abu Dhabi.
Louvre Abu Dhabi 17.17 (Adults)
8.58 (age 13-22)
A wonderful museum to explore amazing things.
Ferrari World 80.38 (Adults)
62.67 (Children)
A popular Ferrari-themed park, located near Yas Island.
Family beach admission 6.81 (Adults)
4.09 (Children)
It’s a family area (gated) and a small entry is to be paid. Remaining beaches are free!
Yas WaterWorld 68.06 (1 day),

107.54 (1 Day Any 2 Parks),

118.43 (2 Days Any 2 Parks)

It’s a wonderful water park, lot of activities, and things to do.
Abu Dhabi Guided Speedboat Sightseeing Tour
44.99 Duration: 1-1.5 hours, live guide, bottled water. Children age 5-12 years.
Observation Deck at 300
25.86 (Entry Fee) A credit voucher of 14.97 is given with each entry card.
Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital: 2-Hour Tour
62 (Entry Fee + Local Guide) It’s a 2-hour tour, led by an expert local guide.
Emirates Park Zoo
Free (0-2 years)
8.17 (3-16 years)
9.53 (16+ years)
It’s a wonderful park and zoo. Tickets are cheap.

Abu Dhabi Food and Drink Prices

Food Type Prices (US$) Details
Pint of beer in a bar 6.81-10.90 It’s not cheap to taste beer in a bar. Only bar serves beer which are located in the hotels only.
Budget Breakfast 3.28-5.44 An Indian or any Southeast Asian food shops offers cheap meals.
Budget Dinner 8.18-13.61 A Lebanese local shops offers good meals at low prices. You should avoid hotel attached restaurant for cheap meals.

Abu Dhabi Transportation Prices

Transport Type Cost (US$)
Public bus ride in Abu Dhabi 0.54
Taxi from airport to city center 20.44-27.25
3km taxi ride in Abu Dhabi 1.91-3.00
Public bus from airport to city center 1.09


Q1: Is Abu Dhabi expensive
Answer: It’s a question depend on your lifestyle, likes and dislikes. It’s relatively expensive city compared to other Asian cities.

Q2: Trip to Abu Dhabi cost
Answer: Again, this depend upon your requirements. There are a small number of budget hotels and hostels in Abu Dhabi to save money. Your location is helpful in calculating from and to flight cost.

Q3: How much is a trip to Abu Dhabi?
Answer: This is answered as above.

Q4: Cost of living Abu Dhabi or Abu Dhabi cost of living
Answer: It’s a relatively expensive city compared to other Asian cities in the region. However, it’s an amazing and wonderful experience to explore and live in this city.

Q5: Abu Dhabi foods cost
Answer: You should find Indian, Chinese or any Asian local shops to eat cheap meals. Remaining restaurants attached to hotels are expensive.

Q6: Abu Dhabi living cost
Answer: Answered above

Q7: Abu Dhabi hotels prices
Answer: 5* hotel US$100 and beyond (approx.), 4* hotel less than $100

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Article Title: Abu Dhabi Prices: Duty Free Prices, Food Prices, Beer Prices, Hotel Prices
Article first published on February 13, 2019.

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