How much does a taxi cost from Bangkok Airport to City Centre?

How much does a taxi cost from Bangkok Airport to City Centre?

The estimated cost for a taxi ride from Bangkok International Airport (BBK) to the city center is based on the taximeter and is typically around €6.80 (240 THB). An airport surcharge of €1.40 (50 THB) will be added to the fare. The total duration of the trip is less than 25 minutes under normal traffic conditions.

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Bangkok Airport
Bangkok Airport, Photo Credit: Akyra

How much is taxi from Suvarnabhumi airport to City Centre?

The approximate cost of a taxi ride from Suvarnabhumi airport to the city center is between 250-380 baht, which includes toll fees. Alternatively, you can take an airport bus, which costs between 24-35 baht.

What is the best way to get from Bangkok airport to the city?

Do you have a question; What is the best way to get from Bangkok airport to the city? The most convenient transportation option with a door-to-door service available 24/7 is taking a Bangkok airport taxi. Alternatively, you can take the Airport Rail Link City Line Train for a cheap and straightforward transfer to downtown Bangkok.

Are taxis expensive in Bangkok?

Compared to Western countries, taxi fares in Thailand are quite inexpensive. The initial taxi fare is only 35 baht, and the meter rate increases at a relatively slow rate based on the distance travelled.

What is the cheapest way to travel in Bangkok?

The cost of taxis is inexpensive, with fares beginning at 35 Baht, which is about 1 USD. It is essential to ensure that the meter is turned on and displays 35 Baht. Although all taxis are metered, a few drivers may attempt to bargain for a flat rate with travelers.

How do I get from Bangkok airport to my hotel?

Metered taxis are the most convenient way to travel from the airport to your hotel. After clearing customs and immigration, head to the first level where you’ll find a taxi queue outside. You will need to stop at a desk and inform the clerk of your destination.

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