Bangkok Prices: Food Prices, Beer Prices, Drink Prices, Massage Prices and More

Bangkok Prices: Food Prices, Beer Prices, Drink Prices, Massage Prices and More

Bangkok is a beautiful travel destination and one of the most amazing cities to spend your holiday. It’s a cheap destination for travellers in many ways. Bangkok Prices are relatively cheap compared to other expensive destinations, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and other. You would easily find flight deals, cheap places to stay, low cost entree fees, and food at absolutely low prices.

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Bangkok Prices: Food Prices, Beer Prices, Drink Prices, Massage Prices and More

Bangkok Food Prices

Food Type Prices Description
Budget Breakfast US$0.91-3.66 Street stalls are relatively cheap compared to sit-down restaurants. A few hotels in Bangkok includes breakfast.
Budget Lunch US$1.22-6.10 Street stalls are best budget friendly places for lunch. These stalls are available everywhere and safe to eat. Food courts are little bit costly compared to stalls.
Budget Dinner US$2.44-7.62 A sit-down restaurant is a costly option for budget dinner. On the other hands, street-side stalls are very cheap.
McDonald’s Big Mac US$2.44 McDonald’s Big Mac is available in larger cities. However, meal deals don’t add too much to the price.
Pizza US$3.66-10.67 American-style and European-style pizzas are available in larger cities.

Bangkok Beer Prices

Beer Type Prices Description
Pint of Beer US$1.83-4.57 It’s a little bit cheap in happy hours.
Can of Cold Beer US$0.76-1.22 Take local beers to be in budget

Bangkok Drink Prices

Drink Type Prices Description
Cup of Coffee US$0.91-1.83 It’s relatively expensive and made from instant powder.
Bottled Water (1.5L) US$0.46-1.07 Most hotels charge more than little markets. Bottled drinking water is available everywhere
Rum (750 ml bottle) US$2.74-3.66 It is available in various supermarkets and it’s a pretty decent rum.

Bangkok Massage Prices

Type Price Description
Thai Massage US$5-12.81 One hour Thai massage
Punnee massage US$7.62 90 minutes massage

Bangkok Attractions Prices

Place Description Ticket Type Price
Grand Palace A beautiful and popular tourist attraction. It is located in Dusit Palace Park complex Adults US$15.25
National Museum It offers good collection of historical Thai arts and craft items. Adults US$1.22
Wat Pho Reclining Buddha is the most important attraction in this huge temple complex, among other things. Adults US$3.05
Jim Thompson House It offers good collection of art and silk items and entry fee includes a tour. Adults




Wat Arun A beautiful temple visited by many people. Adults US$1.52

Bangkok Transportation Prices

Transport Mode Price
Taxi Ride in Bangkok (3 km) US$1.83-3.05
Bangkok Airport to City Centre Taxi US$7.62-14.49
Skytrain Ride in Bangkok US$0.46-1.59
Bangkok Airport Train to City Center US$1.37-2.74
Tuk Tuk Ride in Bangkok 3km US$1.52-3.05

Bangkok Miscellaneous Services / Products Costs

Product Name Prices Description
Laundry US$3.66-6.10 In Bangkok, they charges per item and it’s fixed.
Movie Ticket US$4.27-5.49 Modern movies are available in large cities with subtitles

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Bangkok Prices mentioned above are meant to only for reference. Please check the price before you visit the specific place. It’s a good article to calculate your budget while visiting Bangkok with your loved one, alone or family.

Article Title: Bangkok Prices: Food Prices, Beer Prices, Drink Prices, Massage Prices and More
Article first published on June 19, 2018.

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