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Maldives Weather in October: Maldives Average Weather in October

The beauty of Maldives is captivating no matter when you visit the island. People do follow the trend of visiting during the dry season but you can always make an exception as the rains surely have their charm in this part of the world. Combined with the amount of sun you would get to experience each day it will be no issue even for those seeking the comfort of the sunny beach weather.

The Maldives weather in October leaves a lot of choice for you as a tourist and most importantly for those wondering is October a good time to visit Maldives, well it is actually a lot cheaper than the usual times. So make your plans and enjoy a grand time here in the Maldives in the month of October.

Hurawalhi Island Resort and Kudadoo Maldives Private Island
Hurawalhi Island Resort and Kudadoo Maldives Private Island

Maldives Weather in October: Maldives Average Weather in October

What’s the weather like in the Maldives in August?

Maldives weather in October is the same as the rest of the months of the wet season. The northern parts receive less rain due to the South Westerly monsoon winds and you will have around 12 hours of sunlight. The weather conditions are perfect for you to enjoy a great vacation in these beautiful islands.

Sea Temperature

The temperatures of the sea remain warm and comfortable. The sea temperature in October in Maldives is 28’C and that ensures plenty of swimming time for you. It also comes in handy during the days of high humidity and you get to cool off comfortable in the waters.

Average weather in October in the Maldives

The average weather in October in Maldives is a warm temperature accompanied by occasional rainfall. The temperature during the day averages around 30’C and it slightly cools during the nights and is around 25’C. The humidity for the most part of the day is high.

Maldives Weather in October
Maldives Weather in October

Average rainfall in October in the Maldives

October like we said is like coming to the end of the wet season. Yet it does get a significant amount of rainfall. The average rain in October in Maldives is high and it receives around 229mm of rainfall spanning over 16 days of the month.

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The Maldives has its charm in each of the twelve months. Maldives weather in October can suit your plans perfectly if you pay heed to the weather and want a mix of the rains and the sun. The average weather in October in Maldives will allow you to enjoy profusely and it is high time to pack your bags and schedule a vacation to this fine destination.

Article Title: Maldives Weather in October: Maldives Average Weather in October
Article first published on May 2, 2019.

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