Maldives Weather in July: Maldives Average Weather in July [Best Info]

The Maldives is a favorite for most people who enjoy a spectacular beach vacation. These islands in the Indian Ocean have warm weather throughout the year in general. By virtue of being located in the Tropical Monsoon climate belt, the Maldives weather also has a decent encounter with rainfall during the rainy season. It still, however, is a good time to visit the region.

During the wet months in the Maldives you can experience a different side of the sea and weather conditions and also your travel is going to cost you a lot less than usual. Maldives weather in July is doubt in many tourists as they wonder is July a good time to visit Maldives. This article will deal with all such queries regarding the weather conditions at this time of the year and you can check for yourself if the conditions suit you.

Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Resort, Maldives
Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Resort, Maldives

Maldives Weather in July, Maldives Average Weather in July

What’s the weather like in the Maldives in July?

The Maldives weather in July is a mix of rains and sun. So enjoy your times at the beach as the Sun plays hide and seek with the clouds. Being one of the wettest months there are about 13 days of rainfall but still enough sunlight to make your time at the beach worthwhile. The winds are a lot stronger at this time of the year and the humidity too is on the higher side. Towards the Northern sides, the rainfall is a lot less courtesy the South Westerly Monsoon Winds.

Sea Temperature

The temperature of the water is about 29’C which we have to say is just the best you could get for swimming conditions. The sea temperature in July in Maldives allows a lot of scope for other water activities like diving and snorkeling as well.

Average weather in July in the Maldives

Average weather in July in Maldives hovers around high temperatures and rainfall. The average temperature is around 30’C in July and it drops only slightly to 25’C during the night. The humidity is high as well.

Maldives July Weather
Maldives July Weather

Average rain in July in the Maldives

The average rain in July in Maldives is around 161mm for 13 days. Each day you can still expect 7 hours of sunlight and the sunset is at 6:20 PM.

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The beautiful islands of Maldives are equally beautiful all round the year. The Maldives weather in July may have some rain but the average weather in July in Maldives is still greeted by a lot of sunlight. So by no means would it ruin your vacation and you can plan at ease for a peaceful gateway to these amazing islands.

Article Title: Maldives Weather in July: Maldives Average Weather in July [Best Info]
Article first published on April 25, 2019.

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