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Maldives Weather in December: Maldives Average Weather in December

If you have not stepped in the paradise named the Maldives yet, it is high time you made plans for your next vacation. But many are stuck in two minds over the travel timing and wonder is December a good time to visit Maldives? Keeping in mind the Maldives weather in December we can announce that it does seem like a pleasant time even with the little amount of rainfall.

The wet season ends in October itself but the December still sees a significant amount of rainfall. The average weather in December in Maldives will give you pleasant opportunities to enjoy the rains and also the sun as a decent seven hours of sunshine is a given at this time of the year. With such nice weather conditions, it is time for you to make the bookings and enjoy a spectacular trip.

Adaaran Club Rannalhi, South Male Atoll
Adaaran Club Rannalhi, South Male Atoll

Maldives Weather in December: Maldives Average Weather in December

What’s the weather like in the Maldives in December?

The departure from the wet season does bring about some change in the Maldives weather in December. The winds grow calmer than before but still will be enough to keep you cool at a decent 10 miles per hour. The humidity too is around the high marks and is 76% making it a tad uncomfortable although it is compensated by the wind flow.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperatures too, play a crucial role in making it comfortable for you. The sea temperature in December in Maldives is around 28’C which is the best of swimming conditions. Just be sure with the sun up that you are using enough sunscreen to save you from the damage of exposure to UV rays.

Average weather in December in the Maldives

The average weather in December in Maldives is 30’C temperature during the day and a drop to 25’C during the night. The sunset takes place around 6 PM and you will have 12 hours of daylight and 7 hours of direct Sun.

Average Weather in December in Maldives
Average Weather in December in Maldives

Average rain in December in the Maldives

The average rain in December in Maldives is 198 mm and takes place over a period of 13 days. Do not worry about this playing spoilsport as it is always punctuated by enough sunlight.

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The Maldives weather in December this is an add on to the fact that it is the festive times of the years and there are loads of opportunities for you to celebrate here. So if the conditions are to your liking then feel free to book yourself a nice comfortable vacation in these picture-perfect islands. Beaches seldom get better than this!

Article Title: Maldives Weather in December: Maldives Average Weather in December
Article first published on April 28, 2019.

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