Maldives Weather in August: Maldives Average Weather in August [Best Info]

While you are travelling to a common tourist destination, it is often a great decision to break the convention. If the crowd travels during the dry season, visiting during the wet seasons can give you the much-needed peace during your stay. This is also the story of the Maldives which is one of the favorite among the tourist destinations for beach lovers.

It is more popular during the dry seasons but the wet seasons here have their own charm. Here we will brief you about the Maldives weather in August as we are looking to bust the myths surrounding is August a good time to visit Maldives?

Lily Beach Resort and Spa, Dhangethi
Lily Beach Resort and Spa, Dhangethi

Maldives Weather in August, Maldives Average Weather in August

What’s the weather like in the Maldives in August?

The Maldives weather in August is characterized by warm temperatures which are constant throughout the year. Only the rainfall varies and August is among the wettest of months here. The humidity is high during this time and even though the rains, there is a lot of sunlight for those enthusiastic about sunbathing on the beach.

Sea temperature

The average sea temperature in August in Maldives hover around the 29’C mark. What this does is that it provides some of the better conditions to stay a long time in the sea. However, be careful of the weather and do not venture out when the winds are too strong.

Average weather in August in the Maldives

The average weather in August in Maldives is somewhere around 30’C during the day and 25’C during the night. So like you can understand already it is reasonably warm and requires you to carry no warm clothing. Just pack your sunscreen carefully because it warrants an incredible amount of exposure to direct sunrays which can be harmful to you.

Maldives Weather in August
Maldives Weather in August

Average rain in August in the Maldives

The rain in August in Maldives takes place for over 14 days as it is one of the wettest months here. The amount of rainfall can be expected to be 183mm. Although it will be cloudy you will still have around 12 hours of daylight and the Sun will not set before 6:15 PM.

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When the place is as gorgeous as the island of Maldives then any time is a good time to visit. After the knowledge regarding the Maldives weather in August, we hope you are aware of the average weather in August in Maldives. This should be enough to help you make your travel plans and in case you do you will be treated to a different side of Maldives that you would miss out on during the common travel season.

Article Title: Maldives Weather in August: Maldives Average Weather in August [Best Info]
Article first published on April 25, 2019.

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