Koimala Beach Ukulhas

How to Get to Koimala Beach Ukulhas Maldives [Airport Transfer Guide]

Koimala Beach Ukulhas is a family run small accommodation with nearby beach. Besides great hospitality and feeling local Maldives culture, you can enjoy good facilities. They offer paid airport shuttle service and also offer delicious food in their restaurant. This is common question among the tourists, how to get to Koimala Beach Maldives? Don’t worry! We strongly suggest you to go through this article to know more!

As of now, the hotel offers three different options to reach Koimala Beach Hotel Ukulhas which are: Public Ferry, Speed Ferry, and Private Speedboat and AirTaxi (Seaplane).

Koimala Beach Ukulhas
Koimala Beach Ukulhas

1. By Public Ferry from Male – Cheap Way to Reach

A public ferry from Male Harbor is one of the cheapest ways to reach Koimala Beach Ukulhas Maldives. They charge only US$3.5 per person per way. However, this mode of transport takes plenty of time, about 4 hours each way. The schedule of public ferry from Male to Ukulhas is given below:

Male’ Harbor: Villingili Ferry Terminal

  • Male to Ukulhas: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday (depart at 9:00 am)
  • Ukulhas to Male: Saturday, Monday, Wednesday (depart at 10:00 am)

2. Speed Ferry from Male Harbor – Budget Friendly Option

Do you have less time for holiday? Choose this option to reach Koimala Beach Ukulhas in less time. They use speedboat ferry instead of public ferry. This may take up to 90 minutes per way. Thus, you can save more time and spend it at the beach.

They charge US$50 per adult person, US$25 per child (below 6 years), and infants (below 2 years age) are complimentary. The schedule of speedboat ferry is given below:

  • Male’ Harbor: Jetty No 6
  • Male to Ukulhas: Saturday to Thursday (10:00 AM, 04:00 PM), Friday 09:30 AM
  • Ukulhas to Male: Saturday to Thursday (07:00 AM, 04:00 PM), Friday 07:00 AM
Guest Room at Koimala Beach Ukulhas
Guest Room at Koimala Beach Ukulhas

3. By Private Speedboat Transfer from Male – More Cost

This is a very less popular option for couple and small family. This private speedboat transfer cost you US$650 per trip. If you select small boat, this would cost you US$350 per trip. This also takes same time as shared speedboat ferry, 90 minutes per way.

The schedule of private speedboat availability is given below:

  • Harbor: Airport or Male (Any)
  • Male to Ukulhas: Sunday to Saturday (Time: Any)
  • Ukulhas to Male: Sunday to Saturday (Time: Any)

4. By Seaplane Transfer from Male – Quick but Costly Option

A seaplane journey gives you best and breathtaking view of islands in the Maldives. This option is more costly compared to speedboat ferry. The transfer time between Male Airport to nearby island is 20 minutes per way.

The cost of seaplane transfer from Male is given below:

  • US$190 per adult person per way, US$330 round trip transfer per adult person
  • US$95 per child per way, US$165 round trip transfer per child
  • US$0 infants are complimentary, below 2 years age only

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Sunset View Near Koimala Beach Ukulhas
Sunset View Near Koimala Beach Ukulhas

Please note that, all guests are requested to send their seaplane request at least 3 days in advance.

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Article first published on February 28, 2020.

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