Kandolhu Maldives

How to Get to Kandolhu Maldives from Male International Airport

The Maldives being an island nation has a beautiful collection of atolls and islands, Kandolhu Maldives Resort located on a beautiful island in the North Ari Atoll simply stands out for its magical surroundings. Kondolhu Maldives Resort offers a fabulous collection of 30 exquisite villas, each well-equipped with modern fitments and world-class amenities. Along with accommodations, Kandolhu Maldives is also very popular for activities.

You can spend your time here with your partner or family at the shiny beach or do lots of water exploration, and not forget the dining at fabulous venues. How to Get to Kandolhu Maldives Resort? Kandolhu Maldives Resort is easily accessible from Male International Airport, you can read about the available transfer options in the coming sections of this article. So, coming up for you, we have in this section all the necessary info about transfers between Kandolhu Maldives Resort and Male International Airport.

Kandolhu Maldives
Kandolhu Maldives, Image Credit: Kandolhu Maldives

Let’s read about airport transportation from Male International Airport to Kandolhu Maldives Resort! The resort is located at a distance of 70 km approximately from Male International Airport, The reservation team of Kandolhu Resort offers arrangements for transfers, you can connect with the property directly for booking transfers. Kandolhu Maldives is accessible from Male International Airport by the given mode of transfer, let’s read out!

Seaplane Transfer plus Speedboat Transfer

Kandolhu Maldives can be reached comfortably by a Seaplane and a speedboat. Seaplane transfers are available from Seaplane Terminal at Male International Airport and bookings are done by the resort. A Seaplane takes about 30 minutes of time to cover the major distance and the rest of it is covered by a Speedboat in just 10-15 minutes.

The transfers from Male International Airport are chargeable, you can refer to the transfer charges here:

Seaplane Plus Speedboat Transfer Charges

  • Adult: USD 465 per adult
  • Child: USD 297 per child

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Additional Transfer Info

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Seaplane transfers are available during daylight hours. Same-day transfers can be arranged for guests with arrival at Male Airport before 15:00 hours. Do not worry as you will get due assistance at Male Airport on your arrival. You can also enjoy the lounge facility at the airport during the waiting time. The transfer charges mentioned above are not inclusive of the room package and will be charged separately. To get seamless transfer arrangements, you are requested to share your flight details with the property at the earliest or a minimum of 4-5 days prior to your arrival date.

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