COMO Cocoa Island Maldives

How to Get to COMO Cocoa Island Maldives from Male International Airport

Looking for a fun and adventure-filled vacation in the Maldives? So, this time we offer to you, the destination that is not only extremely pretty but also has pretty much every practical facility that you may be looking for on a break. COMO Cocoa Island. This place will have you screaming in awe because of how good a break would sound here!

How to reach COMO Cocoa Island? COMO Cocoa Island is built in the tranquil surroundings of South Male Atoll and is easily accessible from the Male International Airport. In this article, you can get all the important transfer-related details like the available mode of transfer, the charges of transfer, timings, and more related stuff. So, here we begin with the transfer info!

COMO Cocoa Island Maldives
COMO Cocoa Island Maldives, Image Credit: COMO Cocoa Island Maldives

Transfers between COMO Cocoa Island and Male International Airport

COMO Cocoa Island is at a breezy distance of 30-31 km from the Male International Airport or also known as Velena International Airport or more commonly known as Male International Airport. The easiest way to get there quickly is via Speedboat. Details below!

Transfers by Speedboat

To cover the short distances between Male International Airport and island resorts, Speedboat transfers are the most suitable ones. Coming back to reaching COMO Cocoa Island from Male International Airport, the resort makes comfortable arrangements by Speedboat which takes 45 minutes of time to reach. Speedboat transfers are available from Speedboat Dock nearby Male International Airport. Let’s get to the transfer Charges!

Speedboat Transfer Charges

Speedboat transfers are shared transfers and are available at a cost and this cost is not included in the room package. Here is the detail about the updated transfer cost of the Speedboat:

  • Adult: USD 350 per adult, round trip, inclusive of all taxes
  • Child (Age 2 – 11): USD 175 per child, round trip, inclusive of all taxes
  • Infant (under 2): Free of Cost Transfers

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Private Airport Transfers by Speedboat

Guest can also enjoy transfers by private Speedboat. The updated charge detail of Speedboat is listed here:

  • Private Transfer (maximum four guests): US$900 per boat on each side plus a 10% Service Charge and Taxes
  •  Private Transfers (five to eight guests): US$1,600 per boat on each side plus a 10% Service Charge and Taxes

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Note: Please share your flight details with the resort well in advance so that suitable arrangements can be made. You can do so right after booking or anytime later but in advance of atleast 3 days to your arrival date.

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