Noku Maldives

How do I get to Noku Maldives from Male International Airport

Are you sick of watching your vision board, waiting to see the pics of the people having the time of their lives being replaced by pics of YOU having the time of your life but going nowhere other than the workplace or maximum a mall? Well, say no more! We announce to you here a fabulous vacation destination idea and i.e. Noku Maldives.

The luxury resort offers upscale and fancy villas to add to the fun of your holidays in the Maldives. How do I get to Noku Maldives? Moving on to the basic query or the purpose of this article- info about transfers, continue scrolling! In this article, you can find all you need to know about transfers to this grandiose destination- Noku Maldives.

Noku Maldives
Noku Maldives, Image Credit: Noku Maldives

How do I get to Noku Maldives from Male International Airport?

Male International Airport or the Velena International Airport is the main airport of the Maldives where the maximum of the international flights land. The resort is accessible by the following mode of transfer, let’s get to the details!

Transfers by Seaplane

To reach Noku Maldives from Male International Airport, Seaplane transfers are offered to the guests. A Seaplane takes about 50-minute of time to reach Noku Maldives from Male International Airport. You will get assistance from one of the resort’s airport representatives who will escort you to the Seaplane Terminal (Trans Maldivian Airways Terminal) from where Seaplane flights will depart for Noku Maldives. Transfers are chargeable and exclusive of the stay package. Let’s read about the transfer charges:

Seaplane Transfer Charges:

  • Adult: USD 575 per adult for a round trip, inclusive of all taxes
  • Child: USD 350 per child for a round trip, inclusive of all taxes
  •  Infant (0-2 years): Complimentary Transfers

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Additional Transfer Info

Do I need to inform NOKU Maldives in advance of arrival? Yes, do share your flight schedules with the concerned team at Noku in advance or a minimum of 4-5 days in advance. Seaplane transfers can be arranged only between 6 am and 3.30 pm, Guests with arrivals at Male Airport before 15:30 will get same-day transfers. Guest with arrival schedules after 15:30 hours may have to book accommodation nearby Male Airport, they will be transferred the following day.

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Guests with departures from Male Airport before 09:30 may need to leave the resort a day before the departure date and stay nearby Male Airport.

Free luggage allowance per person is 25 kg on Seaplane. This 25 kg includes 20 kg of Check-in luggage plus 5 kg of hand baggage. Over this, will be charged at the rate of USD 4 per kg (for a round trip).

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