Coral Reef View Inn Ukulhas

How to Get to Coral Reef View Inn Ukulhas [Airport Transfer Options]

Coral Reef View Inn is a wonderful place to stay in Ukulhas Island, Maldives. They offer 24-hour front desk, water sports activities, laundry services, delicious Maldivian food and international dishes. As of now, the hotel offer three types of rooms, Deluxe Double or Twin Room, Deluxe Double or Twin Room with Sea View, and Deluxe Suite.

Right now, you can reach this island through any of three options, speedboat, public ferry, and seaplane transfer. A seaplane transfer is the costliest one, and public ferry is the cheapest one.

Coral Reef View Inn Maldives
Coral Reef View Inn Maldives

1. By Speedboat Transfer from Male

It is one of the most used transfer options from Male Airport to anywhere in the Maldives. This speedbot transfer is available to all guests on everyday twice except Fridays. The journey time between Coral Reef View Inn Ukulhas and Male Airport is about 60 minutes.

The airport transfer cost is given below:

  • US$50 per adult person (each way)
  • US$25 per child (each way, age 3 – 12 years)
  • Infant FREE (age 0 – 2 years)

The schedule of this speed boat is given below:

  • Male’ to Ukulhas – Everyday 10:00hrs / 16:00hrs
  • Ukulhas to Male’ – Everyday 07:00hrs / 13:00hrs
Guest Room at Coral Reef View Inn Ukulhas
Guest Room at Coral Reef View Inn Ukulhas

2. By Public Ferry from Male

This is one of the cheapest ways to transfer anywhere in the Maldives. This is operated by the MTCC and used by locals and tourists. To save money, you can use this option to transfer to this island. This public ferry is more time consuming, takes about 4 hours to reach to this island.

The charge per way is given below

  • US$5 per adult person (single way)

The schedule of this public ferry is given below:

  • Male’ to Ukulhas – Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday 09:00hrs (Departing from Male’ Vilingili Ferry Terminal)
  • Ukulhas to Male’ – Saturday,l Monday and Tuesday 10:00hrs (Departing from Ukulhas Jetty)

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Coral Reef View Inn Ukulhas
Coral Reef View Inn Ukulhas

3. By Seaplane Transfer from Male Airport

This is one of the fastest ways to reach this beautiful island. This option is costly compared to the mentioned above. However, you can get the stunning view of the Maldives. This option is not suitable for budget travelers. If you are not concerned about budget, this experience should be on your top priority.

This mode of transport takes about 15 minutes to reach Ukulhas Island from Male’ via Nika Island Resort. This mode of airport transfer is available only during day time and daily.

Do not forget to mention your seaplane requirement at least 3 days in advance to make seaplane reservation for you.

The cost of airport transfer by seaplane is given below:

  • US$360 per adult (round trip transfer rate)
  • US$165 per child (round trip transfer rate, age 2 – 12 years)
  • Infants are complimentary (age 0 -2 years)

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Article first published on March 3, 2020.

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