Indeco swamimalai kumbakonam

Heritage Hotels in Kumbakonam: Indeco Hotels Swamimalai – Best Places to Stay

Kumbakonam also known as “temple city” is a lovely city located in Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu. The heritage city is very popular for its traditional temples and Mahamaham festival. The temple town is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in South of India and offers a perfect escape from your hectic and exhausting schedules. The ancient city is also a treat to eyes and soul because of its lovely natural surroundings of two great rivers Cauvery and Arsala.

So, if you are looking for a perfect holiday destination and accommodation, Kumbakonam town and Indeco swamimalai kumbakonam heritage hotel is our suggested choice for you. Visit the lovely temple town to understand the deep down cultural roots of Hinduism religion and witness the ancient beautiful architecture of Bygone era. In the coming section, know more about the lovely Heritage Hotel- Indeco swamimalai kumbakonam.

Indeco swamimalai kumbakonam
Indeco swamimalai kumbakonam

Indeco Hotels Swamimalai

This lovely Heritage Hotel In Kumbakonam is one of the most popular and awarded hotels in Tamil Nadu. The lovely heritage Swamimalai Resort offers lovely accommodations amidst of calm and natural environment. Loaded with the charms of cultural bygone era and luxuries of modern times, here you can enjoy a perfect stay with your special ones away from hustle and bustle of urban areas. Enjoy authentic dining, relaxing treatments and much more. Keep reading to know more. To get your hotel room at the best rates, please visit this website for amazing deal.


The Heritage Hotel Indeco Hotels Swamimalai features 80 rooms/suites with a unique d├ęcor and natural aura. Rooms and suites are divided into different zones in following categories:

  • Heritage Deluxe Room
  • Heritage Grand Suite
  • Heritage Royal Suite
  • Royal suites in palace
  • Zamin Suite
  • Grand suites in Palace
  • King suites in Palace
Indeco swamimalai kumbakonam
Indeco swamimalai kumbakonam


Give your taste buds an authentic culinary delight by dining at the in-house restaurant offering a wide array of South Indian cuisines. All the recipes areinspired by traditional recipes and are made with use of fresh organic produce from the garden.

An experience

Your stay at this peaceful heritage hotel is not just another break but it is going to be a soulful journey for you. The hotel offer the perfect active environment to understand the elements, energies, art, culture and awe- inspiring history of the region. Along with your stay the hotel also offers a range of recreation activities and amenities for you. Take a quick look:

  • Ayurvedic treatment centre
  • Herbal oil massage
  • Royal herbal bath
  • Sight seeing
  • Excursions
  • Hands-on handicrafts
  • Bullock cart drive
  • Classical and folk theatre

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