15+ Do’s and Don’ts for Safe Travel in India [An Amazing Tips and Guide]

India is a land of beautiful tourist attractions and amazing destinations. It’s an amazing destination with so much of variety in seasons, weather, natural places, historical sites, modern infrastructure, ancient architecture, and much more. In recent years, a large number of medical tourists arrives for their treatment.

To help each and every tourists about do’s and don’ts when travelling in India, we have compiled a list of best tips to eliminate your doubts.

Do's and Dont's in India
Do’s and Dont’s in India

Do’s and Don’ts for Safe Travel in India [Best Tips and Guide]


  • Shaking Hands: It is advisable to avoid shake hand with your opposite gender person especially with female. It’s common to shake hand with the same gender. However, in modern society/communities, it’s common to shake hand with the opposite gender too.
  • Shaking Hands: You should avoid shaking hands with left hand as it is considered not good. In India, people thinks that, left hand is used for toilet purpose and should not be used for shaking hands with other people.
  • Kissing: It is strictly prohibited in public places. You must avoid kissing in public to avoid any special attention or issues/problems you may face. In past, a few people have faced problems when kissing in public places in some parts of the country.
  • Security Issues in J&K State: Jammu and Kashmir is a beautiful and the most amazing travel destination in India. However, the recent incidents suggests security problems/issues in a few cases. So, it is advisable to follow your embassy’s security tips and guidelines. A lot of Indians visit Jammu and Kashmir on regular basis for their vacation and other leisure trips. Just follow some security tips and take helps from trusted local travel agencies.
  • During Elections: India is a democratic country, hence elections are common and often going on in any part of the country. If you are more interested to witness the process of democracy of India, then you should roam around the city (with proper ID cards) to know how India elect it’s leaders. Please follow some security tips from the local people and avoid visits of sensitive zones / areas. Please read my tips to get clear idea about the same matter.
  • Meter Taxi / Auto Rickshaw: It’s a common practice by taxi and auto rickshaw driver to take passengers based on meter i.e. pay per km. However, sometime, a few drivers charge more money from the foreign tourists by taking longer route than usual. So, it is advisable to check Google Maps or ask someone local for the exact and shortest route to reach your destination. Ola, Uber, Meru Cab, TaxiforSure, and other app based cabs services are available in major cities of the country.
  • Taxi At Popular Places: It’s advisable to do not hire a taxi or auto rickshaw at the railway station, airport or bus station for the whole day or longer routes. They may charge more money from you. However, this does not apply in all cases. It’s a good thing to get idea of local fare and your destination distance.
  • Avoid Religious Comments: In India, religion is a sensitive thing. Hence, it is advisable to do not pass or say negative things about any religion in any parts of the country. A few percent local people will take it more seriously than their life. India is a multi-religious country, such as, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Jew and others.


  • Discuss Positive Things of All Religious: Why pass negative comments, when you can create good friends by passing good and positive comments. This will create good memories for you!
  • Avoid Exposing Your Body: This advice should be followed by the white skin female. You should aware about the local culture and what they wear to avoid any issues. It is advisable to wear Indian dresses (full sleeve clothes) to avoid any bad issues.
  • Smile…Smile: In India, your smile may create big impression among the people.
  • Buy Handmade Products: It’s a good idea to take little India with you as souvenirs for your loved ones. Here is the list of products you should buy from India.
  • Remove Shoes in Worship Places: It’s a common practice among the local people to remove their shoes before entering the worship places. This practice is followed by almost all religions in India.
  • Take the Vaccines: You should take some vaccines before entering India for common diseases to avoid any health issues. Do not worry! India is a popular medical tourism destination.
  • Gifts to Local People: If someone helped you in anyway, then reward them with your smile or some gift. It will create a positive impression in their mind to help other foreign tourists like you.

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Article Title: 15+ Do’s and Don’ts for Safe Travel in India [An Amazing Tips and Gu

Do's and Dont's in India
Do’s and Dont’s in India

Article last re-published on January 13, 2018.

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