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How much does a taxi cost from Hong Kong Airport to City Centre?

How much does a taxi cost from Hong Kong Airport to City Centre?

Taking a Hong Kong airport taxi is the most convenient way to reach the city center. The ride will take about 30 minutes and cost approximately 40€ (370 HK$).

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Hong Kong Airport
Hong Kong Airport, Photo Credit: Skytrax Ratings

Is taxi expensive in Hong Kong?

Are Hong Kong taxis expensive? Not at all! Taxis in Hong Kong are reasonably priced. The city has three types of taxis (red, green, and blue), but the most common is the red Urban Taxi. The initial charge for the first 2 km is €2.86, and every 200 m thereafter costs €0.20.

How do I get from Hong Kong airport to city Centre?

There are several transportation options available to travel from Hong Kong Airport to the city center, including the express train, bus, taxi, and car rental services. The express train is the fastest option, taking just 24 minutes to reach the city center at a cost of $8. Alternatively, the Hong Kong Airport bus takes approximately 1 hour and costs $5. Car rental services are also available for those who prefer to drive themselves.

Is Hong Kong public transport expensive? The current transportation system in Hong Kong is regarded as being highly economical, has a high station density, and is available to everyone within its territorial authority.

How do you pay for taxis in Hong Kong?

Only a limited percentage of the taxis in Hong Kong that have the Union Pay brand accept payments made using Union Pay cards. Hong Kong taxis typically only accept cash. Is Uber more expensive than taxi HK? Uber rates and normal taxi rates are almost the same.

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Do you tip taxi drivers in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, it’s customary to round up your fare to the next dollar or give the driver the spare change because tips are not typically expected by taxi drivers.

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