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Best Time to Visit China: Weather, By Month, Season, and More

For all the people struck by the wanderlust China can be a spectacular destination. It is, after all, a mix of everything. While on one hand, you have the likes of the Great Wall demarcating the rich history you also have tremendous natural beauty in the forms of forests and mountains and oceans.

To imbibe yourself in their rich and ancient culture might be a dream come true for many and thus a visit to China often features high in the wish list of places to visit for the travelling enthusiasts. But the question that arises in many is which is the best time to visit China? For this, you will find this article to be appropriately addressing all your queries.

National Centre for the Performing Arts - Beijing, China
National Centre for the Performing Arts – Beijing, China

Best Time to Visit China: Weather, By Month, Season, and More

We will specify on the best time to visit China based on the activities you are interested in or more importantly the places you will be visiting. Equipped with all this information you can plan for yourself a great grand trip to the mystifying land of China. There is a lot in store for you!

Visiting China in Spring (April-May)

The temperatures during this time of the year range from 10-23’C and that ensures a pleasant and warm climate. In the Southern parts of China however, it is a time when there is a good chance of a decent amount of rainfall. The fresh air will be rejuvenating though and even the rains will not play spoilsport when it comes to the incredible beauty of the land.

The flowers tend to bloom in spring and add the colors of joy to the forests. For those who are nature lovers, it would be a great time to visit China and fall in love with the natural richness of the country. And even if you have plans for visiting the Southern parts of China then you can be rest assured that the mist formation courtesy the rains will actually give you a great view of the Yellow Mountains or the Li River.

China in Spring
China in Spring Image Credit: Blue Ray Tourism Services

Visiting China in Summer (June-August)

For many, the answer to the question which is the best time to visit China is the months of summer from June to August. The temperatures are between 25-33’C and the South China parts are in for some heavy rainfall. It is a great time to experience the city tourism and hiking trips in China and is thus regarded as the best time to visit China.

The destinations that are situated in harsher cold heights like Yunnan and Tibet are more accessible at this time of the year. However, it is not the best time to visit China if you are looking for some privacy because of large crowds at this time of the year. The temperature too can be a bit too high for many tourists.

China in Summer
China in Summer Image Credit: Stylish Packing Lists

Visiting China in Fall (September to October)

If you are wondering when is the best time to visit China and you happen to an adventure enthusiast then we could recommend you to visit in the Fall season. It will be pleasant for your hiking trips and the experience would be magnified with the introduction of several fruits which are available in this season.

The fall ambience is also pleasant and the temperatures are comfortable as well. Since the summer rains stop by now it also results in dry weather conditions suitable for outdoor activities.

China in Fall
China in Fall Image Credit: thipjang/Getty Images

Visiting China in Winter (November to March)

Your answer to the question when is the best time to visit China could be winter if you are looking to get away with affordable travelling experience. Since the footfall is low at this time of the weather due to an average temperature of 8’C and below freezing point in Northern China, there are many discounts in the hotels and other expenses.

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Some of the cities like Harbin or Beijing have a different kind of beauty when they are covered in snow and this can only be experienced if you visit during winter. This is nearly all you could want to know about the best time to visit China.

China in Winter
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We hope that all your queries on when’s the best time of year to visit China are satisfied through this information. So do visit the beautiful country and experience something different. Something you are not likely to discover elsewhere and something that only the unique land of China can offer you with.

Article Title: Best Time to Visit China: Weather, By Month, Season, and More
Article first published on August 20, 2019.

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