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Cruise Safety: Can you take pepper spray, stun gun. Mace etc. on a cruise?

Vacationing on a cruise is one of the most luxurious and relaxing ways to have a wonderful time. You can enjoy alone or with family and friends but like all vacations, there is always a concern for your safety. Cruise trips are known to be extremely safe in general. But there are always some reports of that one of the incidents which makes tourists anxious.

So all those who are willing to learn about the prohibited self defense items on cruise ships or the permitted self defense items on cruise ships will get their answers by the end of this article.

Ship Details Eurodam
Ship Details Eurodam

Cruise Safety: Can you take pepper spray, stun gun. Mace etc. on a cruise?

Prohibited Self Defense items

If you have the question in mind that is stun gun allowed on cruise ship then we have to say that sadly most of the reputed cruise rides do not permit so. Neither are items like knives beyond a certain length, pepper spray or cans of mace permitted on board.

Cruise lines like the Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian, etc have a list of items that are not allowed besides the ones we just told you about. They include brass knuckles, lasers, martial arts equipment, combustibles and scissors longer than four inches. Besides these, the likes of scooters, marijuana, and shoes with hidden wheels are also not allowed on board.

Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray

Permitted self-defense items

So if you had in mind can you take a can of mace on board, the answer on most cruise lines is a strict no. Small pocket knives and whistles are allowed and they can be your go-to defense items while you are on the cruise journey. Besides belts with solid metal buckles are allowed and can be a potential weapon.

Is there security on cruise ships?

There is enough of security arrangements on cruise ships with a well-defined chain of command headed by the captain followed by the staff captain and then the security officer in charge. They ensure all security protocols are strictly obeyed and that the journey is safe and secure for all those on board.

They have proper systems of boarding and even if you are faced with any security concern they tend to your problems and have systems of lodging complaints and taking actions based on them. So you can, after all, rest easy during your journey under the watchful eye of their well trained and equipped security system.

Tips for staying safe on a cruise ship

As we have mentioned before, the cruise ships are generally very safe but it does not hurt to take all the necessary safety measures beforehand. When there is a stop at an unknown location it is best to not venture out into unknown territories alone. You can always keep a whistle around your neck. At the signs of trouble blow out the whistles loud and alert the people nearby.

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The people causing trouble are usually threatened when you call for attention loudly. While to your question of can you take pepper spray on cruise ships we have to answer in negation for most cases there are some weapons which you can use to defend yourself. The likes of spikes under the shoes or the hard metal buckle of a belt can act as wonderful weapons for you. Be smart and be safe during your cruise trip and always be aware of the security protocols on board.

With this new found knowledge we hope that your cruise ride is going to be a peaceful one full of fun and joy. And as for your questions on permitted self defense items on cruise ships and prohibited self defense items on cruise ships we hope to have provided all your answers.

Article Title: Cruise Safety: Can you take pepper spray, stun gun. Mace etc. on a cruise?
Article first published on May 5, 2019.

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