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Book Your Favorite Hotels and Resorts Through Us To Support A Great Humanity Work

Traveljee is one of the fastest growing travel portals over the Internet. In recent years, we have expanded our work and destinations. However, we want to help our fellow citizens and people around the world from our profit. So, we came with new idea! We will contribute some fixed amount (certain percentage of money from our commission) per booking made through us directly to the social charity organization.

Use the following link to book hotels

Visit This Link and Reserve / Book Your Room or Suite (Click Here)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question1: Does it affect on my hotel room or suite prices / rates?
Answer: Absolutely No, there is no effect on your room or suite price. You will pay the same price for your desired hotel whether you use my affiliate link or visit website directly.

Question2: Does it matter what hotel and duration I book?
Answer: Absolutely no. You can book your desired hotel or resort’s room / suite available on through my affiliate link. After you made booking through our affiliate link, I will add some fixed amount (based on percentage) towards social cause contribution to charity organization.

Question3: Why should I book through your affiliate link instead of directly booking on website?
Booking through our affiliate link would not increase rate for you. Instead we will donate money per booking to the charity organization and other groups working for humanity welfare. Hence, you are helping people indirectly!

Question4: How to book my desired hotel room or suite?
Answer: To book your favorite hotel room, click on above mentioned link “Visit and Reserve / Book Your Room or Suite“.

Question5: Why are you supporting only?
Answer: is honestly a great website to book hotels and resorts. Most of the times, offer good deals and amazing rates. They offer world-class customer service and support.

So, I request you to save this page / bookmark this page and use it whenever you want to book your hotel room/suite.

Thanks a lot in advance!

A Poor Boy Smiling, India
A Poor Boy Smiling, India

If you have any question, or concern, please do not forget to write an email to:

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