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How To Get To Edgewater NJ From NYC?

How To Get To Edgewater NJ From NYC?

There are 6 ways to get from New York to Edgewater by train, bus, ferry, subway, taxi or car ; Train ยท 10 min. Take the train from Grand Central to Harlem-125 St takes 10 min including transfers and departs every 20 minutes. The most affordable way to get from New York to Edgewater is to bus, which costs $1 – $4 and takes 20 min.

How much is the 107 bus to New York?

New York to Irvington train services, operated by NJ Transit, depart from New York Penn Station. Train or bus from New York to Irvington? The best way to get from New York to Irvington is to train which takes 25 min and costs $1 – $9. Alternatively, you can line 107 bus, which costs $1 – $4 and takes 43 min.

Is there a bus from New Jersey to New York?

Travel to New York from throughout New Jersey on many bus routes. There are several major routes that serve Midtown Manhattan (Port Authority Bus Terminal) and further north in Washington Heights (George Washington Bridge Bus Station) in New York. Start trip planning by checking NJ TRANSIT service near your location.

How much does Uber cost from Brooklyn to Manhattan?

What is the cost of a ride from Brooklyn NY to Manhattan NY? The average price for this trip is $34.00 – $51.00.

How much does Uber charge per mile in NYC?

Rates effective December 19, 2022: Non-WAV trips: $1.348 per mile. $0.567 per minute.

How to get from Jersey to NYC?

Answer: The two ways to get from Jersey City, NJ to NYC (Manhattan) are either the ferry or PATH subway. The PATH subway is going to be the most affordable and most practical method. Jersey City, is only a 20 minute commute from NYC.

How much is NJ bus to NYC?

Daily Buses 7————————- — Minimum Price $6 Average Ticket Price $32 Minimum Trip Duration 25mAverage Bus Trip Duration 30m

How long is a bus ride from New Jersey to New York?

Trip overview The average bus between New York and New Jersey takes 36 min and the fastest bus takes 28 min. There is an hourly bus service from New York to New Jersey.

How much is a bus from Edgewater to NYc?

One Way Fares————- $11.25 FREE $7.50

How much is subway from Jersey City to NYC?

The best way to get from Jersey City to Manhattan without a car is to train and subway which takes 37 min and costs $2 – $6.

Is Uber more expensive in New York?

The average Uber trip costs more per mile in the Big Apple than any other US city, according to a new study shared with The Post.

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