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How To Get To Block Island From NYC

How To Get To Block Island From NYC

There is no direct connection from Manhattan to Block Island. However, you can take the train to New London, take the walk to New London, then take the ferry to Block Island. Alternatively, you can take a vehicle from Manhattan to Block Island via Montauk, Montauk Village, Gosman’s Dock, and Montauk in around 7h 23m.

Is there a ferry from NY to Block Island?

Viking Fast Ferry: Connects Montauk, NY to New Harbor, Block Island in about one hour via high speed ferry. Ferry runs Memorial Day through Labor Day only.

How do you get onto Block Island?

Block Island Ferry: provides year-round service from Point Judith, RI. This is the only Ferry that can take vehicles to the island and reservations for vehicles are required. Passengers do not need reservations.

Is it worth taking a car to Block Island?

It isn’t easy to take a car to Block Island, but you won’t really need a car to enjoy your island escape, especially if you visit during the busy summer tourism season.

Where do you catch the ferry to Block Island?

The traditional ferry is our year-round service ferry. The traditional service operates out of the Pt. Judith terminal, located in the fishing port of Galilee (Narragansett, RI). Vehicle transport is available only on the traditional ferry and must be made in advance by phone.

Is a day trip to Block Island worth it?

Yes, Block Island is definitely worth the trip for a day! The island is home to beautiful beaches, charming shops and restaurants, and stunning coastal views. There’s also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, such as hiking, biking, and kayaking.

What is the best time to visit Block Island?

The best time to cruise to Block Island is in late May, June, or September. From July 4th to Labor Day, especially on weekends, Block Island is extremely crowded.

Do you need a car for a day trip to Block Island?

For a day trip to Block Island, the best way to get around is by car. Mopeds are also great, but you won’t be allowed to go down any dirt roads to lead to trailheads or beaches, so keep that mind.

Can you drive your car on Block Island?

Cars are allowed on the island, but roads are narrow, winding, and without shoulders, and drivers must contend with runners and flocks of bicycles and mopeds. Unless your party includes people with mobility problems or small children, we recommend leaving your car on the mainland and joining the two-wheelers.

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