Do you wants to celebrate this new year 2015 at best destinations of the World ? Do you wants to make your new year party more memorable than ever ? Then you will be very much concerned about new year eve party destinations in the World. Which destination is best to celebrate your new year eve party ? I have provided selected list of places and destinations for New Year Eve 2015.

1. Sydney, Australia

Sydney will be first city in the World to welcome new year 2015. It is always better to welcome this new year before any other countries people do it. Approx. 1 million visit this city on this day to celebrate the new year. Amazing fireworks on the day of new year attracts thousands of tourists towards Sydney.

Sydney New Year Eve

2. New York City, The United States of America (USA)

New York is the most popular destination for New year eve parties and celebration. NYC’s Time Square is the famous place in New York to watch ball drop with thousands of tourists presence. Lots of fireworks as well as musical concerts as well as best programs on the day will mark your day as most memorable.

Times Square New York New Year Eve

3. London, United Kingdom (UK)

London is the most popular Christmas destination in Europe. Besides Christmas, London is also most popular tourist destination for new year eve party. Approx. more than 1 million people will be gathered in Central London for the celebration of New year eve.

Central London New Year Eve

4. Las Vegas, Nevada – United States of America (USA)

Las Vegas will welcome more than 1 million visitors on the new year eve as one of the most popular new year eve destination in the United States of America. Las Vegas is popularly known as the city of casino and gambling in the World.

Las Vegas New Year Eve

5. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong New Year Eve

Hong Kong is one of the most advanced city in the World. HK will be decorated with lots of lights, beautiful decorations and has best beaches to celebrate the new year eve. There are lots of beautiful places in Hong Kong to make your new year eve memorable.

Which is your favourite destination and place for the celebration of New Year Eve 2015 Party across the World ?

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